This is just a starter Campaign. My first time being a DM and I’m a little nervous. Anyways, I have created a world known as Zazabar. Within it lies four major kingdoms: New Lumina, Peraphor, Amozania, and Old Draconia. There is also a distant land to the south east known as Daggerland.

Basically, the land known as Zazabar is in an age of turmoil and conflict. This being 4E, Orcus is the obvious problem; or at least he is in this world. Orcus is a Demi-god who was cast out of the sky realm for destroying the once great kingdom of Draconia; Hence Old Draconia. So Orcus’s hatred is now turned towards the land of Zazabar. Orcus and his vast armies have occupied Old Draconia and plan to attack New Lumina. This is where the first Campaign will begin.

The adventure will begin with the characters getting off of a large ship with other people. They are paired in two’s. The main idea is that they are new to this land and are needing to find out as much as they can about their surroundings. With new laws, people, and some discrimination the players may find “fitting in” a little difficult. So far, I have a paladin so I think I am going to set up a thing where he joins a knight’s order or he becomes a missionary for the church. IDK yet. I also have a Fighter. Looking to have a mage or two and a rouge. Weird party but what else can I ask for?

The New Lumina Spire